Accredited Courses

My current teaching commitments involve the delivery of modules on the BA (Hons) English Language and BSc (Hons) Applied Psychology degree programmes at UCBC, both of which are validated and awarded by Lancaster University.

BA (Hons) English Language
English Language: History, Diversity and Change (Level 4), Language and Style (Level 4), Communication Studies (Level 5), Language Acquisition and Development (Level 5), Language and Power in the Modern World (Level 6), Dissertation Supervision (Level 6).

BSc (Hons) Applied Psychology
Language (Level 4), Dissertation Supervision (Level 6).


Non-Accredited Courses

A Guerrilla’s Guide to Continental Philosophy
Venue: Online
Most philosophy courses start with Plato and follow his lineage; this will be a little different. We’ll start earlier with the pre-socratic Heroclitus (nice name for a cat) and move through to the 20th century phenomenologists. This is a rebel’s guide to philosophy, dangerous rather than ideal.

Short-Story Writing for Beginners
Venue: University Centre at Blackburn College
The course is aimed at anyone with an interest in writing, particularly the short story form.   It may be that you have never studied short stories before, or that you may have a basic appreciation of narrative and story-telling techniques.  You may also wish to write a story to record or comment on a specific event or to celebrate a personal experience – if this is the case then this course is for you.